Re: Directions for setting up Stacker 2.0 on Ultralite

William F. Smith (wfsmith@CS.UCLA.EDU)
Wed, 29 Jul 92 17:04:31 -0700

I just wanted to mention a piece of shareware I picked up from
wuarchive which seems to do a very good job of compression (and
doesn't even have the piteous or pushy messages about registration
fees!). It's called diet, but I'm afraid I've forgotten exactly what
directory it's found in. Decent but slightly accented documentation
comes with it.

It does the Pklite self-extracting compressions for executables, but
also has a data file mode which can operate through a TSR, compressing
and uncompressing on the fly. I had mixed results with the runtime
compression (and the documentation warns that not all programs will
work with this), but I've found that most of my biggest files are
libraries and documentation anyway. The runtime uncompression seems
to work quite well, even with very large files (eg 400K after
compression), though it can be slow on starting up. This type of
compression can also be used on executables, but I had difficulty with
Turbo C++ when it and its help files were both compressed.

I'm sure Stacker is a better package all-around, but diet is good for
what it is (and the price is right).