Re: Stacker Guide

Brian Smithson (
Tue, 28 Jul 1992 12:48:01 -0700

On Jul 28, 3:08pm, Eli Brian Goldberg wrote:
> Subject: Stacker Guide
> Would anyone find a guide explaining how to configure Stacker 2.0 on an
> Ultralite to be of use?

Yes, I think it would be great. My postings on the subject didn't give
very much detail, much less cookbook instructions.

A similar guide for setting up other applications like GeoWorks would be
pretty cool too! It's amazing what you can get an UltraLite to do if
you're willing to sweat for a few hours. Hey, maybe I'll get inspired
to do the UUPC/PC-Elm package that I promised some months ago. :-)

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