mail failed, returning to sender [NoSquint 2, really -ed]

Eli Brian Goldberg (
Tue, 28 Jul 1992 09:06:23 -0400 (EDT)

One of the advantages of having a summer job at Egghead is that we are allowed
to check out all the software we want to familiarize ourselves with, and
to preview in case we'd like to buy it.

I recently checked out _NoSquint 2_ by SkiSoft, which is a program to make
the cursor be a full block and blink. It costs $49.95 (or was it $39.95?),
which is, IMHO, a ridiculously steep price for such a simple task. I
haven't had any compatability problems with it, except I have had cursors
that weren't "removed" when the computer scrolled, and in addition, reverse
video on TELIX seems to be quite screwed up in spots with NoSquint running.

I will admit that when it's not causing problems, having a full cursor is
incredibly useful when one's in a situation where it's hard to see
the screen and a cursor can nearly vanish from the Ultralite's screen... ;-)

I didn't bother buying it (and, obviously, deleted it from my Ultralite,
of course!) and I only recommend it to people who _need_ to have a cursor
that's a full block and haven't found a PD program to do it, assuming one
exists. $39 is a rip-off, IMHO, for what it does, and it doesn't even do
a commendable job of it.