Stacker & GEOS/PC

Eli Brian Goldberg (
Mon, 27 Jul 1992 08:41:48 -0400 (EDT)

I just upgraded from Stacker 1.something to stacker 2.0.

I think there's something I'm doing wrong, since the computer will only
give me a 1.2 meg drive and then the other 700K are wasted for all the
stacker files that, half of which, don't even need to be there (all the
MicroChannel/AT/README/etc files). Thus, I get enough room for all the
massive Stacker files. I couldn't find any information in the documentation
since they're all for 40-80 (me forget) Meg configurations. How can I get it
to put my stacker files on ONE stacker drive with my other files so I can
delete the extraneous ones and get space?

Also, I have GEOS/PC now (and a 30 day return period in case I can't get it
to work... ;-) It says that it requires 4.5 Megs for minimal install,
and this includes lots of deleteable files (all the EGA/VGA files, etc),
and I'd _thinK_ I could delete some of the programs I didn't need
(i.e. the AOL files, etc.) I also recall someone mentioning a while back
that they even _did_ somethign with GEOS on the Ultralite. So, what gives?
Does it work if I can get a 2 Meg stacker volume?