IME folds

Fri, 10 Jul 92 07:22:02 MDT

I tried calling IME computers at (617) 254-1700 a couple of days ago, but there
is now an answering machine that says IME computers is no longer in business,
or something similar.

This was no real surprise, since a few days before, calling the 800 number
yielded a message saying the number had been changed to the toll number (they
discontinued their 800 service, apparently too late to do any good).

The voice on the machine says that GEM Computers (may be spelled incorrectly,
they just said it, they didn't spell it :-) will be handling orders IME used
to take care of. I'm not sure if this means they are taking care of pending
orders or not, but they were willing to put my name and phone number on a list
to call when the UltraLites come in (about 2 weeks was the current guess), and
they did the same for floppy drives.

Since IME had been telling me similar things for a month or so (since the last
price markdown), I remain hopeful yet skeptical.

For anyone interested, the number for GEM computers is: (617) 782-5791.

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