Entering upper ASCII?

Tue, 7 Jul 92 8:43:36 EDT

a) concerning my previous posting about cluster sizes, I trust you all
understood that I have reformatted with 1 K clusters, not 1 Meg clusters

b) Here's a question which has bugged me for a long time which I do not
think has been discussed in earlier messages: How do you enter upper
ASCII characters? The usual method, say Alt-196, doesn't work since
that requires using a number pad rather than the top row numerals. I
can't figure out what combination of Alt, Fn, etc. would do the same
with the UL keyboard. Similarly, when I use Superkey on a normal
keyboard I can enter upper ASCII by using Ctl+Alt+number but can't find
a UL equivalent. In Superkey one can also access a list of redefined
keys by entering Alt* and that combination, too, has eluded me. Did I
miss something in the documentation?