cluster size - another satisfied customer

Robert E Daniels (
Mon, 06 Jul 92 12:39 EST

I just came upon this mailing list last week, and thus beg the
indulgence of those who have been long-time participants. Here is
yet another report on the benefits of changing the cluster size on
a 2MB UL, following the instructions posted by Sy Ali 14 months

I use my UL primarily for word processing and communicating over
bitnet and internet via modem. This generates lots of small work
files. Drive C: contains TreeView, VDE, Procomm, PC Remote 2, PC
Outline, WordStar 4 (hey, I started with an Osborne 1, OK?),
several small utilities, and text files. I access other software
(database, spreadsheet, disk editor, etc., using the floppy drive).

Before discovering this mailing list I had already combined all of
my batch files into one file, and used LZEXE to compact PC Outline
and VDE.EXE (first converted from VDE.COM). What more could I do?
Having read the archives for ultralist-list, I removed COMMAND.COM
from C:\ and combined 10 small COM utilities into an XEQ.COM file.
That helped. But this morning I reformatted drive C: with 1 MB
clusters with the following results:

2MB UL drive C:

Cluster size

| 4096 1024 difference
TOTAL | 1990656 1985536 -5120
FREE | 253952 508928 254976

This figures are from TreeView's assessment of drive C: before and
after reformatting with the smaller clusters. I'll leave it to
those with technical knowledge to figure out where those 5120
bytes went; I'll just be happy with the 100% increase in free