FYI: someone selling an UltraLite

Brian Smithson (
4 Jun 92 06:39:54 PDT (Thu)

Found this on Usenet. $300 seems like a good price, especially given that
the floppy drive is included. Also mentioned is an MS-Works ROMcard for $99
(not such a good price...).

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NEC UltraLite Notebook PC FOR SALE ** $300 **
- Sleek black design 8"x12"x1.5" 4.4 pounds
- V30 (8086) XT compatible, 640K RAM, MS-DOS in ROM
- 2 Meg "Silicon" disk (Non-volatile RAM)
- Supertwist Backlit (some singing noise) LCD CGA display
- Built-in 2400 baud modem plus second serial port
- New battery and AC adapter/charger
- External 1.44/720k floppy drive & printer port
- No hard drive or internal floppy
- Full-sized 78-key keyboard with short travel

- Fully working, clean condition with some signs of wear
- DAK mailorder was asking $899 for just computer
- PCMCIA MS-Works 1.05 ROM add $99

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