Re: Two questions!

Brian Smithson (brian)
Mon, 1 Jun 92 10:03:06 PDT

> Can anyone recommend an inexpensive and well-made mouse that will work
> happily with my Ultralite?

I have only tried portable trackballs (which aren't exactly inexpensive),
but I had no problem with either the Logitech Portable Trackman or the
Appoint Thumbelina working with the UltraLite. I wouldn't expect that you'd
have trouble with any MS-compatible mouse. There is a potential for
problems if you use one of those parallel-port-connected hard disks
at the same time you are using a mouse (or anything else on COM1, for that
matter), but it is a problem with the hard disk driver and not with the
mouse driver.

-Brian Smithson
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