RE: Two questions!
Sun, 31 May 1992 13:51:56 EDT

> From: MX%"" 31-MAY-1992 13:15:33.05
> Subj: Two questions!

> Is there anyway to get the Microsoft Works that comes with the Ultralite
> to output ASCII files?

I am afraid that I only have the 2.0 version (on disk) not the ROM card
version. Although, if you purchased your UL from DAK that's the version
that they were including with it.

If you have the 2.0 version, you can use the Save As option in the Word
Processor to save a file as either Text or Printed Text. Text will give
you a DOS text file which is plain ASCII with no formatting. Printed
Text will give you top, bottom, left and right margins.

Both the Spreadsheet and the Database have options for saving as text
files with either tabs or commas as delimiters. This is useful for
exporting to other systems.

The other alternative, and this should work with the ROM card version as
well, is to select the Standard printer driver (TTY). This will allow
you to print an ASCII text file to disk by selecting Print to File under
the printing menu.

I often use the TTY driver to print files to disk so that I can include
reports from the Database or Spreadsheet in E-Mail messages. I have also
used it with the Word Processor to output files that I could transfer to
the VAX for printing on one of the lineprinters.

> Can anyone recommend an inexpensive and well-made mouse that will work
> happily with my Ultralite?

I don't use a mouse with my UL. However, I think that Brian has done
extensive testing of mice and trackballs with the UL.



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