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11 May 92 13:51:07 PDT (Mon)

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>From: (Todd Inch)
>Subject: Wanted: NEC Ultralite or small/light notebook PC
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>Date: 7 May 92 21:44:59 GMT
>Sender: (Todd Inch)
>Organization: Maverick International Inc.
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I'm looking for a small and light laptop PC-compatible. It need not be
fancy and I don't really care what drives it comes with (e.g. the Ultralite
has a 2 Meg "Silicon Hard Disk" and 640K RAM) as long as its small and
light and has a really usable keyboard. The Ultralite comes with a
2400 baud internal modem, which would be useful. I can pick up a returned
one with a 45-day trial period from DAK for $549, which I'll do if no one
offers anything better.

My requirements:

- No more than 8 lb, but the lighter the better. The Ultralite is
4.4 lb.

- Able to run at least 1 1/2 hour off batteries - longer is better and
standard C or D nicad cells is a plus. (Ultralite has batteries that
are not nicad and do not have the nicad "memory" problem.)

- No more than about 10 x 12 x 3" size. Ultralite is less than 8 1/2
x 12" x 1 1/2".

- Must have parallel and serial ports. If no modem, 2 serial ports are

- Must run DOS and be PC compatible.

- Must have a "full size" keyboard - this requires a minimum of about
10" width.

- Must have decent 24-line display. VGA preferred but not essential.

- Need not be any better than 10 MHz XT. All I'm doing is text editing
and calendar/reminder, so speed isn't critical.

So, please mail me any offers with the specs of your machine. If you
have an Ultralite, I'm obviously already sold on that but anything else
that meets the above specs will be seriously considered. I can't spend
more than $1000 regardless, but won't want to spend near that unless
it's "got everything".

-Brian Smithson
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