VDE Editor

estrada (motcsd!infoserv!uunet!inland.com!estrada)
Wed, 22 Apr 92 16:40:47 CST

I came across a copy of VDE, a text editor that is about 42k big and
supports wordstar-like commands or can be run using a menu bar. Things
like search and replace, format printing and limited font effects are
supported. The drivers included with it for printing only support simple
and FX-Epson options. I am using it to create source code for my Zortech
C++ compiler and I like the fact at how small this full screen editor is.
You can also edit Wordperfect, wordstar, XYWrite and other document formats
using this.. though I don't know if the formatting is retained with the text
or this function is just an ASCII edit of the different formats... This is
a shareware application so if anyone would be interested, I could uuencode
it, compress it and e-mail it. Also in shareware, I have a file compressor
that works much like stacker.. has anyone heard of this one?

Dave Estrada
Inland Steel Co.
E. Chgo. IN