Re: Ultralite ROM & RAM cards

brian (grot!brian)
Tue, 21 Apr 92 21:34:02 PDT

> There's one about an HD offered
> by Damark which had problems with COM2 and one about Microsolutions Backpack
> 40mb HD. Anyone knows about a cheaper deal than Microsolutions..?

The Damark thing is $299. BTW, the MicroSolutions model also has problems
with COM2 during hard drive accesses. It seems like it has fewer problems,
but it still has some.

> Is the
> HD portable, if so, is the power supplied by the UL or there's a battery
> to be installed in the HD?

Both are portable in the sense that they are small. The Damark one seems
to have some capability for battery operation (within the unit itself, not
powered from the UL). The MicroSolutions one really seems to expect AC
power through a little brick. Also, as both units use the parallel port,
if you use the parallel port on the diskette drive, then you'd need to power
up the UL from it's AC brick anyway.

There is also a portable drive from a company called Sysgen in Milpitas CA.
They are probably worth checking into. I think that their 40MB model is $399.

> Here's another flame about NEC's support to the users of their old UL's..
> I sent a letter about 3 months ago so that I could be registered to use
> their BBS... Nothing in the mail yet...

Try calling into their BBS directly and registering. The numbers are
508-635-6163 for V.32 and 508-635-6328 fir 1200/2400/HST. It's pretty
disappointing, though. There was basically nothing there about original
UltraLites last I checked.

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