Re: Reset of Ultralite

Mon, 13 Apr 92 19:48:26 MDT

> My usually reliable UltraLite has developed a very annoying problem. After
> turning it on it will run for 15 seconds to 5 minutes or forever and then
> reset.

>>What kind of reset? A soft reboot? Hard reboot (i.e. does a memory test)?
>>Complete power-off? I was able under some strange circumstances to get my
>>UltraLite to power itself off! In fact, I was kind of wondering if anyone
>>had experimented with various interrupts on the UltraLite to see if there
>>was an interrupt for power-off.

(Webb) It is a hard reboot or maybe a momentary power off, it is hard to tell
which. (It does a full memory test)

>>Does it do this within an application and in response to some kind of system
>>activity, or is it just idle, sitting there with the COMMAND.COM prompt?

(Webb) All of the above: PROCOMM, VDE, INSTACALC, SPELL, and at the $ prompt,
there does not seem to be any pattern.

> The power
> on/off switch in the upper left corner seems to be wobbly but it has been
> this way since I got the machine from IME in August 1991.

>>The power switch is wobbly on all (two) of the UltraLites I've seen. I think
>>that it is a momentary contact in the "on" posistion so that power can be
>>engaged in such a way that it can be turned "off" by software.

>>Sorry I don't have any direct help for you. Please post your findings.

>>-Brian Smithson


After cleaning the battery contacts with an eraser, I have not had a reset.

I did spend about an hour this morning going round and round in the NEC voicemail system looking for a replacement switch because I thought that might be the problem and did not want to disassemmble my beloved Ultralite without a spare switch. PARTS does not list the switch and TECH SUPPORT could not tell which Suba$$embly held the switch.

Thanks Webb