Battery q's again...

chet (motcsd!apple!arc!chet)
Mon, 13 Apr 92 16:44:14 PDT

darryl> Anyone know a proper way to test these things out? I am very
darryl> technically inclined, so even referring to a page in a certain
darryl> book or article might help.

often one cell in a NiCad array will get a reverse charge.
when that happens, that cell won't charge normally, and the other
cells won't completely discharge.

you can check this out by measuring the voltage across each cell. A
good way to rejuvenate the array is to completely discharge each cell
individually, by shorting out the cell with a 4.7 ohm resistor (or a
just a piece of wire, if it's nearly dead anyway.)

Then the array should charge up normally.