Battery q's again...
Sat, 11 Apr 1992 12:09 EST

I wrote a note last month regarding the 'silicon hard drive' battery crashing
on my ULite. There were few suggestions from this list, and I had a rather
disturbing time dealing with NEC and DAK over this problem (which I'll write
about later), and I'm now using a replacement machine.

My concern is this: at no time did they check the battery on the old machine.
Further, they didn't know how to swap out the "nonremovable" long battery that
is used by the silicon hard drive (I figured it out in three minutes without
a screwdriver), let alone how to test it for NiCad memory problems. Since they
can't, I'd like to. Anyone know a proper way to test these things out? I
am very technically inclined, so even referring to a page in a certain book
or article might help.

Thanks, in advance,
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