Re: GeoWorks/ROM

Brian Smithson (brian)
Tue, 17 Mar 92 23:41:24 PST

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 92 03:31:07 -0800
From: Bryan Chow <bryanc@ocf.Berkeley.EDU>

Hey guys, I've just installed Windows 3.0 on my Ultralite! Okay, I know
some of you think that Windows is crap, anemic, etc, etc and I agree. But
it runs at a reasonable speed on my desktop so I use it quite a lot. Well,
I didn't install it cos I'm going to do any useful work on it, but rather
just to see if it'll run.

Anyway, I started by reinstalling it into another directory on my desktop,
using CGA, no mouse, etc etc. After that I started deleting as many files
as I could - the 386 files, useless apps, fonts, bitmaps, DOCs, etc. I
ended up with the following:

Volume in drive C is Bryan111891 Serial number is 0C6B:1DEE
Directory of c:\laplink\win3\*.*

. <DIR> 3-23-92 12:14a
.. <DIR> 3-23-92 12:14a
SYSTEM <DIR> 3-23-92 12:16a
accessor.grp 1866 3-23-92 1:32a
calc.exe 40480 5-01-90 3:00a
clock.exe 11136 5-01-90 3:00a
digital.fon 1712 5-01-90 3:00a
msdos.exe 46640 5-01-90 3:00a
notepad.exe 31936 5-01-90 3:00a
progman.exe 55200 5-01-90 3:00a
progman.ini 126 3-23-92 1:50a
reversi.exe 16688 5-01-90 3:00a
system.ini 644 3-23-92 1:34a
taskman.exe 3296 5-01-90 3:00a
terminal.exe 141696 5-01-90 3:00a 11118 3-23-92 12:17a
win.ini 1671 3-23-92 1:29a
windir 0 3-23-92 2:17a
write.exe 211168 5-01-90 3:00a
_default.pif 545 3-23-92 12:47a
575,922 bytes in 20 file(s) 591,872 bytes allocated
8,630,272 bytes free

Volume in drive C is Bryan111891 Serial number is 0C6B:1DEE
Directory of c:\laplink\win3\system\*.*

. <DIR> 3-23-92 12:16a
.. <DIR> 3-23-92 12:16a
cga.drv 45680 5-01-90 3:00a
cga.gr2 2104 5-01-90 3:00a
cgafix.fon 4208 5-01-90 3:00a
cgalogo.lgo 880 5-01-90 3:00a
cgalogo.rle 6782 5-01-90 3:00a
cgaoem.fon 4576 5-01-90 3:00a
cgasys.fon 4368 5-01-90 3:00a
comm.drv 7088 5-01-90 3:00a
coura.fon 12960 5-01-90 3:00a
dosx.exe 36352 5-01-90 3:00a
gdi.exe 129691 5-01-90 3:00a
kernel.exe 68928 5-01-90 3:00a
keyboard.drv 7041 5-01-90 3:00a
nomouse.drv 1312 5-01-90 3:00a
sound.drv 3622 5-01-90 3:00a
system.drv 2784 5-01-90 3:00a
user.exe 231680 5-01-90 3:00a
win.cnf 3456 5-01-90 3:00a
win87em.dll 12800 5-01-90 3:00a
winoldap.mod 41904 5-01-90 3:00a
628,216 bytes in 22 file(s) 653,312 bytes allocated
8,628,224 bytes free

That only took 1.2MB!! That's amazing considering the installation
required 6.3MB. Too bad I had to remove Solitaire since it takes
180K. Well, you can add it in but I didn't think it was worth it.
The only apps left were notepad, terminal, write, clock and reversi.
Considering you get a word processor, game and comm program, 1.2 MB
is not bad!

Next came the testing part. I expected it to CCRRAAWWLL on the
Ultralite, but it actually ran pretty respectably. I usually think
of the UL as an XT but I guess speed-wise it's more like an AT.
The comm program worked fine (it has Xmodem and Kermit, with VT100 and
a few other emulations), but it only displayed about 18 lines or so.
The icons are pretty hard to distinguish in black and white.
Other than that, everything was fine! Write was quite reasonable too,
even when scrolling.

I have Stacker installed so I still had about 1+ MB left. I probably
won't keep Windows on the UL much, but at least now I know it works!
Maybe I'll try Geoworks next. But from what I've read it seems to
require some hacking to make it fit :(