Re: GeoWorks/ROM

Brian Smithson (brian)
Tue, 17 Mar 92 23:41:24 PST

> Does anyone have all of the specs on the RAM/ROM port? If not, what are the
> chances of getting them from NEC?
> I heard that their 286 Ultralites had the infamous ROM port too, so maybe
> there's some info on them available somewhere.

There was some discussion about this last year on the list. Check out
digest #14 if you have digests, or if you have the list traffic squirrelled
away in a mailbox somewhere then look at postings between August 2-4 1991,
or send email to with this in the message body:

send digests/ulite-14

One way or another, you'll find that the ROM/RAMcard slot pinout was
painstakingly copied from NEC documentation by me, and a few interesting
and intriguing mysteries remain unsolved at this writing.

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