Re: GeoWorks/ROM

Brian Smithson (brian)
Tue, 17 Mar 92 10:35:32 PST

> With all of the hubub about GeoWorks Ensemble being small enough to put on
> a ROM to use with pen-based machines, wouldn't it be nice if GeoWorks could be
> convinced to put it on an UltraLite ROM card?
> I seriously doubt it'll ever happen, but I can dream can't I?

Unlikely, but it is possible that one of us could do it. The main problem
is that the original ROMcards were 512KB or 1MB. GeoWorks can get squeezed
down to 2MB by removing unneeded files and tossing out some of the apps.
However, as was discussed a while back on this list, the ROMcard connector
seemed to have more addressing capability than the ROMcards themselves used.
Maybe we could build our own ROMcard (or self-powered RAMcard) which used
newer and larger memory devices? It wouldn't even need to be a slim little
credit-card sized device. There is some room under the ROM/RAMcard cover
which isn't used by the cards. Some clever packaging might allow one to
build a custom card with, say, 4MB of surface mount devices plus a little

Any volunteers? I'd buy one!

-Brian Smithson
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