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Sean M Burke (
Sun, 8 Mar 92 11:14:12 EST

> Hi, I'm the proud new owner of a sleek, black Ultralite! I haven't
> received the thing yet but already can't wait.

Congraduations! It's always nice to see another owner of a 'dead' machine.
(my, for a supposedly dead machine, there's been a lot of new owners lately!)

> Also, I have a question for you guys:
> I read some discussion on the battery in the previous digests, and
> was wondering what constitutes a cycle? Does the battery have to be
> completely drained to count, or just any recharge? Also, if the
> warning light comes on and I immediately stop using it, will it still
> reduce battery life?
> I thougt the molybdenum battery didn't have memory, but that obviously
> isn't the case. So what's the difference then?

The nolybdneum battery doesn't have memory, but the Ni-Cad one that supplies
power to the RAM drive does. That's the one that may develop memory.

> Another question:
> Is LapLink compatible with Norton Commander's Link? I bought the UL
> from someone and he lost the LapLink disks. How, then, should I transfer
> files from my 486? The DOS 3.3 in ROM - is it the whole thing or just
> COMMAND.COM? I guess I should wait till the machine arrives and see for
> myself, but I'm too excited about it.

The DOS 3.3 in ROM is more that just COMMAND.COM, but it's not a full version
of DOS.

As for LapLink, I don't think it's compatible with NC.

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