Quick RS232C Question (fwd)

Sean M Burke (smburke@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
Sat, 7 Mar 92 16:48:23 EST

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I cannot convince any serial printer to print from the ultralight, whether
through the black din-to-25-pin cable, or with that and the laplink cable. I
also noticed that on the 25-pin side of the NEC adaptor cable, pin 1 looks like
it broke off or got pushed in. I see there are 9 other pins, so I am perplexed
-- is this normal?
If it IS normal, what's required to print on a serial printer that I
do not know about? I KNOW pin 1 is required for most XON/XOFF and RTS/CTS
protocol printers. Laplink and other null-modem thingies work fine, however.

Strange in Peoria,

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