Re: Connector avail index?

Sean M Burke (
Fri, 6 Mar 92 10:20:39 EST

> Second, could I get a brief summary of what alterations were made to bring
> the disk drive over to battery power?

The only thing done to run the disk drive off of battery power is to connect
a +5 to +6 volt source to pins 2 and 7 (I think) of the power connector.
I used 4AA batteries, and it seems to work. I havn't had time to check how
long the drive will run on the batteries. With finals closing in, I may not
get around to it for a couple of weeks.

> Third, has anyone tried using the laptop with drive without power? Is this
> lethal to laptop or battery?

If you connect the drive without the power supply or an external battery
connected, it just doesn't run at all.

> Fourth, if anyone has sources for any of the connectors used with the NEC,
> please post addresses and numbers to me and I'll redistribute it in index
> form.

For the power supply connector, any Macintosh (Yuk!) serial or Appletalk
connector will fit.

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