Battery Floppy Power!

Sean M Burke (
Tue, 3 Mar 92 15:35:07 EST

Well, I'm not totally sure, but I may have made a good attempt at making the
good old UL a far more portable computer. I used four AA cells hooked into
the +5v line of the UL's power port, and I was able get the system to boot,
and the floppy to run, but the added strain of putting a disk in it put too
much load on my old batteries. However, the printer port was active, and I
was able to get the printer to work off of the batteries!!

I ran a voltmeter on the batteries, and they were under 5 volts, so I'm going
to try this again with new ones and if it works, I'll post a followup.
I really hope it does because it'd be nice to have the option of using the
drive (even for a short period of time) without needing a wall outlet.

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