NEC Ultralite card compatibility?

Anthony J Stieber (
Thu, 20 Feb 92 19:10:28 CST

Does anyone know of the cards used on the NEC Ultralite are
JEIDA/PCMCIA compatible? I've seen an occaisional reference
to the possible compatibility of these cards. The JEIDA/PCMCIA
standard is used on the Hewlett-Packard HP-95LX and Poqet PC
MS-DOS pocket computers. The cards are almost exactly the
size of credit cards but a bit thicker. Instead of card
edge contacts, they have a double row of very small pin
sockets on one of the short edges.

If it turns out that the Ultralite is compatible with this
standard, it's possible to buy a RAM card holding 2MB for
as little as $900. A 512KB card is less than $300.
ROM card interchangability would make it much easier
to obtain applications for all three of the machines.

<-:(= Anthony Stieber   uwm!uwmcsd4!anthony