Re: DAK is advertising again

Sean M Burke (
Thu, 20 Feb 92 19:42:12 EST

> The latest DAK catalog lists the UltraLite once again. I didn't look really
> carefully, but I believe that it is the same ad copy that they ran last
> year. Certainly the prices are the same :-(. Maybe we should write
> ol' Drew a bunch of letters informing him that PC prices in general drop
> about 2% every month and he should get a clue! It's nice to see that
> he has stuff available again, especially if some of you want to get ROMcards
> or floppy drives. See previous mail on this list for prices and phone numbers
> and stuff like that -- I don't think that any of it changed.

You didn't notice the gret bargain? You can get LOTUS 1.2.3 on rom card
for only 29.90 if you by the UL! What a deal!!! ;-)

I wish he'd drop the prices on the rom cards. I want to get one!

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