Re: UL Power

Fritz Friedlaender (
Wed, 5 Feb 92 19:02:24 -0500

Have been using the NEC Ultralite with the Radio Shack 50 Watt 220 to 110 Volt
plain transformer - do NOT use any electronic switching device - without
a problem (using standard power NEC 110 Volt power unit and whatever
adaptor plugs are needed. (3 prong to 2 prong US type adaptor
between NEC power supply and RS step down unit, for instance).
Did this for 5 weeks last summer, and just returned from Germany, same
experience. Enjoy your trip - and modem works fine, too, even though it
is not "legal" most places.

By the way, I brought back some 9-pin mini-DIN plugs that will connect
to the serial output of the Ultralite. For $2.00 each plus shipping cost,
you can get one or more from me, as long as the supply lasts.
Contact me via e-mail, and don't expect fast service since I am quite
busy at the moment.