Usenet ad: 2MB UL for sale

Brian Smithson (
Wed, 5 Feb 92 05:22 PST

Saw this in comp.sys.laptops. Anyone need a spare?

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>Subject: NEC Ultralight for sale
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>Date: 3 Feb 92 17:35:56 GMT
>Sender: (david t oury)
>Distribution: comp.sys.laptops
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I am selling a NEC Ultralight notebook; 4.4 lbs, 2mb internal ramdisk,
no hard disk, no floppy (though one can be bought seperately), manuals.
As i would probably be either undercutting or embarassing myself stating
a price i'll leave it open to the most enthusiastic of offers, or my most
desperate moment of wanting to sell it. So make me on offer. Shipping
would be through UPS from Boston COD, as your writing the check you can
also work in shipping cost to your offer. Well it's been perfectly lovely
chatting, but it's time to go. Hope to hear from you. Oh by the way, just
respond to this account and i'll get your email.

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