Re: Stacker

Brian Smithson (brian)
Sat, 18 Jan 92 9:20:18 PST

> 1. What's the advantages of Stacker 2.0 over 1.1?

See my message of 11/17/91 (Digest #17 for those of you who joined the
list since then, or for those of you who want to retrieve the article
from ultralite-archive). In a nutshell, I didn't really notice any big
difference between 2.0 and 1.1 when using it on an UltraLite.

However, I would have to add now that Stacker 2.0's ability to handle
removable media is pretty useful. It can be used for floppies, although
I haven't tried it (you could back up a 2MB silicon hard disk on a 1.44MB
floppy, probably...), and it can also be used for external hard disks.

> 2. How much of a difference does the 1K cluster size make over the 4K
> cluster size with stacker? Is it worth making the change? If so,
> can someone E-mail me the way it's done? (I have it printed out ---
> 500 miles away :-)

It depends on how much uncompressed space you're going to leave on drive C:
and what you're going to do with it. Stacker creates one big file, and so
the cluster size could be 16KB and it wouldn't matter much. Within the
Stacker volume, the cluster size is set by the Stacker program so you don't
have to (and can't) worry about it.

For the uncompressed part of drive C:, cluster size is still important.
I set mine to 1K or 512 or something like that so that small files wouldn't
take up much space. If you're going to have a small uncompressed area,
and you'll probably have small files in it (like autoexec.bat, config.sys,
drivers, or whatever), then using a small cluster size is probably a
good idea.

BTW, I'll mail you the instructions.

> 3. Has anyone had their HDs crashed by Stacker before? How reliable
> is it?

"Crash" is probably the wrong term for a silicon hard disk, but what the
heck -- it's no worse than "core dump". :-)

I've heard about people having problems with the Stacker volume becoming
write protected. It even happened a couple of times to me. It didn't
seem like the big deal that people were making of it. I just used the
MKS toolkit "chmod" command to make it writable again. Norton's
command for changing file attributes worked too.

I also had the volume get screwed up to the extent that it needed to be
SCHECK'd and then CHKDSK'd. Again, no big deal, no lost files.

In short, I've found Stacker to be reliable. The only time I've had
problems with it is when I filled up the volume from within GeoWorks,
and even the I've always been able to recover it without difficulty.

At this point, I couldn't *live* without Stacker (or some equivalent
program) on the UltraLite.

-Brian Smithson
 Motorola Inc., Computer Group, Commercial Systems Division
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