Re: about that hard disk vs. COM1 problem

Jack Schudel ((SCHUDEL@NERVM)")
Sun, 12 Jan 92 12:08:52 EST

On Sat, 11 Jan 92 8:55:02 PST you said:
> I'm beginning to wonder if the UltraLite
>interrupt handling just plain sucks. Has anyone else really exercised
>LPT, COM1, and/or COM2 simultaneously and noticed any problems?
>-Brian Smithson

You might try setting the UltraLite CPU speed to SLOW and see if this
helps. I used to get all sorts of errors and hangs running comm
programs with the internal modem that went away when I tried the slower
speed. (Using an external V.32 modem at high speeds was never a problem;
only using the internal modem). Now I just have the comm program set the
CPU speel to slow whenever it detects that I am using the internal modem.
(Thanks to Dale Gass and DGSET!)

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