Re: NEC Still has parts!

Brian Smithson (
Mon, 6 Jan 1992 15:30:40 -0800

On Jan 6, 5:55pm, Sean M. Burke wrote:
> Subject: NEC Still has parts!
> I needed the DC-DC converter, which is a little pc board with lots of
> components on it. It costs $91.29 + tax.
> The serial cable for the U-lite is about $90.00.
> Why?

Having tried to find a source for those 9-pin mini-DIN connectors, I've
concluded that it would have been easier to prototype a new DC-DC converter
board! :-)

Seriously, though, it's good to hear that NEC hasn't priced spare parts as
high as they have priced those serial cables. One could probably hack in
an 8-pin PS/2 connector in place of the 9-pin UltraLite connector if one
really had to, but without that DC-DC converter you're really stuck.

If someone out there happens to find themselves talking to the NEC parts
people again (Sean?), it would be great to get a complete list of available
parts and prices and then make it available on this mailing list.

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