Ultralite Screen Low-Tech conversion.

Sean Burke (s8000002@llohio.linknet.COM)
Mon Dec 30 23:08:56 1991

Something really went wrong in my U-Lite, and the Dc-DC converter
that supplies power to the backlight started smoking, and now the
backlight's dead.

I havn't called NEC to find out how much this little beastie'll be,
because I'm going back to OSU in a week, and I want to wait until
I'm back there to order the part (if I can afford it). However,
for the time being, this leaves me without a light on my only

Before you delete this, thinking it's a sob story from a crackpot,
the useful part follows:

I took the backlight out, including the transformer, and the small
pc board that holds its support circuitry. I substituted a sheet
of plain white paper. This works really well in bright light and
outdoor conditions. It also allows about 1/3 more time on the
battery. If you use your U-lite under flourescent (sp?) lighting
all of the time, you may want to consider this conversion. It is
more readable in bright light without the backlight, and the batter
time is nice too.