Re: Plug-In Hard Drive

Brian Smithson (
Fri, 27 Dec 1991 05:01:05 -0800

On Dec 26, 10:07pm, Sean Burke wrote:
> Subject: Plug-In Hard Drive
> I called Damark today, and the hard drive that plugs into the
> parallel port is still available. I'm thinking of getting one
> because this UltraLite is my only computer at the moment.

A small caution on this: I seem to be getting some kind of collision
between the drive's operation and the operation of COM1. It shows
up as strange mouse behavior in GeoWorks Ensemble, and also as packet
retries in uupc (over COM1 at 9600 baud), when I'm accessing the disk.
I haven't noticed any problem with COM2, but I haven't done any
extensive testing on that.

I'll call the manufacturer and see what I can find out about this,
and I'll post results..

> Brian, does it look like it would be possible to install a
> larger-capacity drive in that unit?

Yes, the manual indicates that larger drives can be installed and that
they are supported by the driver. No mention is made of which drives,
except that mounting screw positions for "Seagate, Quantam, and Conner"
are referenced. The enclosure will fit 2.5" and 3.5" form factor devices.

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