external disk drive for UltraLite

Brian Smithson (brian@grot.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Mon, 23 Dec 91 12:52:43 PST

I just got a little 21MB external drive for my UltraLite. It's one
of those "install our driver and plug thd drive into your parallel port"
kinds of things. It works great, and I set it up using Stacker as two
compressed volumes: 32MB and 10MB. Access time is 23ms (non-Stacker of
course). I don't know what the transfer rate is. The driver chews up
2.8KB of memory. It weighs 1 lb. and includes an interconnect cable and
AC adaptor. You can still use a printer as well.

The best thing about it was that it was fairly inexpensive. I got it
for $290 from Damark. It was backordered for quite a while, and I don't
know if it is still available, but if you are interested, it is item
number B-480-196554. Damark's order number is 1-800-729-9000. They
don't list a non-800 number for orders outside of the US, but they are
in Minneapolis MN if you want to call directory assistance.

I have to admit that the UltraLite gets a bit weighted down with a cable
to the floppy drive, a cable from that to the hard drive, and a cable
from that to the printer. However, it's not as bad as tethering the
UltraLite to a desktop computer using LapLink!

Happy holidays,

-Brian Smithson
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