ULite Screen Discoveries

Sean Burke (s8000002@llohio.linknet.COM)
Tue Dec 17 01:22:00 1991

I finally took my UltraLite ALL the way apart last nite, screen and
all, and I found out some interesting things.

1. The lovely high-pitched wine is not from the DC-DC
transformer. It's from the backlight it self. The backlight seems
to be some kind of flourescent job, and I wonder if it could be
replaced with a newer one that doesn't wine as much.

2. I tried removing the backlight, and replacing it with first a
reflective surface, and second, a piece of white paper. With the
paper, in normal light, the screen was ALMOST readable, but not
that great. Apparently it was designed for the backlight, and
nothing else. So much for that idea.

3. I wonder if the keyboard on the new 386 UL, which appears to be
more like a regular keyboard, would be compatible. It would make a
nice swap.

4. The V-30 processor is in a removable slot (it is the only chip
that is removable). I wonder if NEC was planning for future
upgrades, or just easy repair.

Well, that's all for the internals.

For the folks looking for an appointment calendar/phone index, I'd
recommend DO, the Desk Organizer. It's available at Simtel and
Wuarchive. It takes up very little space, and works quite well for