Re: GeoWorks Ensemble on the UltraLite

Brian Smithson (
Sat, 2 Nov 1991 14:17:43 -0800

On Nov 1, 7:34pm, Anthony J Stieber wrote:
> Subject: Re: GeoWorks Ensemble on the UltraLite
> By the way, where can everyone else order a copy of Ensemble?
>-- End of excerpt from Anthony J Stieber

I should have said something about that. I don't seem to have
the original phone number I called, but the number on the
documentation for the "working model" is US 800-772-0001,
or Canada 800-465-1234, or their direct number is 415-644-3456
(that may be really 510-644-3456, because they're headquartered
in Berkeley and that area recently had an area code split).

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