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Brian Smithson (
Sat, 2 Nov 1991 13:58:25 -0800

On Nov 1, 9:46pm, Hyunsuk Seung wrote:
> Subject: MKS toolkit & reverse video
> I have couple of questions concerning MKS toolkit.
> How much disk space does the MKS toolkit take up? Also, what kind
> of commands have you installed on your UltraLite? I'm interested
> in getting one since I'm getting tired of DOS. Could it interpret
> / instead of \ for file related tasks on DOS? How compatible is
> it with DOS? Any comments appreciated.
>-- End of excerpt from Hyunsuk Seung

Well, it's too bad that Dale Gass just dropped off of the list.
Dale is best known on the utralite-list for having written DGTERM and
DGSET, but he also happens to work for MKS! However, he had to sell
his UltraLite so that he could get a camcorder. He mentioned something
about wanting to do video backups of his recently born daughter. I'm
sure that everyone would join me in congratulating him on spawning a
child process, but the guy clearly has his priorities screwed up. :-)

Anyhow, the complete MKS toolkit takes up more space than is available
on the UltraLite. 3MB+ comes to mind, but that's just a guess. It is
easy to pare it down, though. What I kept around was awk, cal, cat, cd,
chmod, comm, compress, cp, cpio, date, dc, df, du, echo, expr, fg, file,
find, grep, head, login, ls, mkdir, more, mv, pr, pwd, rm, rmdir, sed,
sh, sort, switch, tail, tail, tee, test, touch, uncompre[ss], uudecode,
uuencode, vi, and wc. Those files take about 560K after being pklite'd
(excepting sh, which can't be pklite'd). I also have some stuff in /etc
like glob, init, issue, magic, motd, utmp, and some config files like
environ.ksh, inittab, passwd, profile.ksh, and rc.ksh. Those files
take another 60K or so.

The MKS Toolkit does allow you to switch the directory delimiter to "/" and
the switch character to "-", and in fact most of the Toolkit utilities seem
to expect that. Some DOS programs don't look at the switch character and
expect those nasty "\"'s, but it has never been a problem in the five or so
years I've been using the Toolkit on various PC's. Even in the worst case,
you can escape the "\" with another "\" so that both Toolkit and the DOS
application are happy.

It's fully compatible with DOS, if I understand what you mean. It's even
quite compatible with System V UNIX, at least to the extent that it can be
in a DOS environment.

I heartily recommend the MKS Toolkit, especially if you find yourself moving
between the UltraLite and UNIX systems. They just came out with release 3.2.
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