Re: GeoWorks Ensemble on the UltraLite

Anthony J Stieber ((no email))
Fri, 1 Nov 91 19:34:08 CST

-> Well, I think that it is cool enough that I'm going to fork over the $1XX and
-> get a real copy. Unfortunately, I'll also have to shell out another $1XX for
-> one of those little laptop trackballs. Right now I'm using a mouse from my
-> desktop unit, and the mouse seems about half as big as the UltraLite itself!

I've got a Suncom ICONtroller, which is a tiny little joystick that
plugs into a serial port and emulates a mouse. I picked it up on sale
for $22, it retails for ~$90. It's not a real mouse though, it has two
speeds depending on how hard you push the stick: slow, and fast. The
real fast mode can be switched between three higher speeds by a
button. There are four other buttons, three in front of the stick
which correspond to the three mouse buttons (the middle is disabled if
you're in Microsoft mode), and a fourth on the top of the stick. A
four position switch determines which button the top button is. Yet
another switch is for setting Microsoft or Mouse Systems emulation.
The whole thing is about 1.25" wide, 2.25" tall (including stick), and
3" deep.

It's not well suited for free hand painting software, but might work
for CAD drawing type applications.

Another choice is the Appoint Portable Mouse Pen. It's about the size
of a square cross section magic marker with a serial cable coming out
the end. The angled tip has a little mouse ball. I've never used one,
but reviews say it's a more natural to use than a mouse for free hand
drawing. A local store is selling it for $59.95, it retails for $79.95.

By the way, where can everyone else order a copy of Ensemble?

<-:(= Anthony Stieber   uwm!uwmcsd4!anthony