Ram Disk & Parallel Port

Bob Tarleton [ELEPHANT] (70042.2630@CompuServe.COM)
30 Oct 91 08:07:04 EST

I run speed disk on mine pretty frequently since I move alot of files
around. I agree that defragging it for performance reasons is probably
pretty silly but if you should ever have to "unerase" a file, having it all
in one piece would be a big plus.

On the parallel port adapter.....

I have the little beasty but I'm not real happy with it. Technically it does
not require AC power to run, but it seems to draw alot of power from the
machine when I run it that way. It was also partly responsible for trashing
my ram drive once. You know how they say in the book to bounce the power
switch a few times if the system has trouble recognizing newly attached
peripherals?.....don't. The power drain from the adapter coupled with
whatever voltage spikes I created turned by ram disk into one big experiment
in random character generation.

I've gotten so I don't use mine much since I have the 3 1/2 " sidecar with
the adapter built in. I take it with me instead along with my Diconix printer
when on trips. If battery operation is a must I'd suggest getting a battery
powered serial to parallel converter. I've seen some pretty small ones on
the market. Alternatively maybe someone can devise an independent power
supply for the thing. The case certainly seems big enough.