power off from software?

Brian Smithson (brian@king.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Tue, 29 Oct 1991 12:26:15 -0800

Quite by accident, I noticed something on the UltraLite which might be useful.
It would be a bit hard to replicate, but because of some corrupted junk on my
disk, my UltraLite seemed to power itself off! It started to boot, then both
Num Lock and Caps Lock indicators came on momentarily (and maybe the Low Bat
indicator as well -- I can't remember now), and then the whole thing went dark
and I could no longer hear that distinctive scream from the display power
supply. When I pressed the power switch toward the ON position, without having
switched it to OFF first, it came back on and tried to boot again. I guess
that it was a cold boot, because it ran it's little memory test.

Does anyone know any details about a software power-off mechanism? For that
matter, if you ignore the low battery warning, does the unit eventually power
itself off or does it just run out of gas?

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