Games from Apogee Software

D. Brahm (
Tue, 15 Oct 91 19:09:16 PDT


I found a few arcade games that work well on the UltraLite, from
Apogee Software, P.O. Box 476389, Garland TX 75047-6389 (no, I don't work
for them!). All of them are like low-quality Nintendo games, with a little
man running and jumping around the screen, shooting bad guys, pushing
buttons and levers, figuring out puzzles, collecting treasure and trying to
survive. Each game has several volumes, and each volume has a large number
of screens (each more difficult than the last, naturally). The animation
is better than I would have expected from the UltraLite. Each volume is
only about 50K, and comes on a disk (3-1/2 or 5-1/4).

For $9 you can get the first volume of 3 games called "The Monuments
of Mars", "Pharoah's Tomb", and "Arctic Adventure". I found "Arctic
Adventure" frustrating because there are little bullets which are almost
impossible to see that keep killing you, so I deleted it. The other two
have kept me plenty busy; I have a slight preference for "Mars". For $25
you can get all 4 volumes of any one game, and also you can order through
their toll-free number (800)852-5659.

For more info, their comments/hints/service number is (214)278-5655.
I will probably order the rest of "Mars" at some point, and will report on
it then.
-- David Brahm (