Re: RE: UltraLite Resource Package from Personalized Computing

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Tue, 27 Aug 1991 14:24 PDT

>The price has gone down to $39.95, and they are liquidating what they have
>left of this and all other UL stuff. They don't have much left, and the
>prices are not as good as DAK's, but I guess that the prices may decline as
>time goes on. Anyway, if you were interested in the Resource Package, it's
>cheaper now.
To the best of my knowledge the REAL price has always been $39.95.

>P.S. Douglas Brantley -- did you ever finish up your review of this?

I read through the entire package and was able to get some
useful information. Much of that information has already been posted
on this mailing list.

(Insert Opinion Here) The historical progression of the UL product
as followed in the newsletter is interesting but not worth the