Re: Small communication program

Dale Gass (
Mon, 29 Jul 91 23:05:33 ADT

> On Jul 28, 1:07pm, Peter Hill wrote:
> > I found I can't use DGTERM with other software, i.e. the MKS toolkit.
> >
> > However, CONTROL-ALT-FN-DELETE and run DGTERM from a virgin DOS system,
> > and it works fine. I use both XMODEM and YMODEM at 2400bps (modem) and
> > 19200bps (serial connection to a Sun workstation).
> >
> > Is there a version of DGTERM that isn't a TSR?

No, there isn't a version that's not a TSR. And there probably won't be for
awhile, for the same reasons there won't be a DGTERM 2.0... (No time.)

> Perhaps the author of dgterm, who just happens to work for MKS :-), can
> shed some light on these problems?

Do you use the vi (or emacs) editing mode in the shell? Try turning that off
("set +o vi"), and see if it helps. Version 1.0 of DGTERM might not be able
to get DOS access when vi editing mode is turned on. (The new version of
DGTERM is better in this area, but it's been put on hold, since shareware
doesn't pay :-(...)

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