CCalc and Browse

D. Brahm (
Thu, 18 Jul 91 20:31:02 PDT


Here are two programs I tried recently and really liked:

1.CALCULATOR]CCALC.ZIP contains CC, the "Calculus Calculator", which
appears to have all the functionality of MathCad (vectors, functions
[recursive, implicit], graphs [3D, parametric], histograms, statistical
analysis, equation-solving), a bit of symbolic manipulation (derivatives
but not integrals), and a programming environment. The I/O is not as
snazzy as MathCad's. Amazingly, after PKLITing it's only 131K (plus a 29K
help file). I may just throw out MathCad and Fortran! It's a shareware
program ($25) from the San Francisco State Math Dept.

2.SYSUTL]BATPOWER.ZIP contains BROWSE.COM, which ended up being my choice
for a MORE replacement. It doesn't have search capability, but is really
fast (the screen isn't "typed onto", it just appears whole instantly) and
small (.9K). TXTUTL]MOREF241.ZIP wins the contest for best clone of UNIX
More. Since BROWSE uses PgUp and PgDn which are inconvenient on the
UltraLite, I wrote this batch file to make SPACE and b work in their place:
echo <ESC>[032;0;81p 
browse %1
echo <ESC>[032;032p 
Here <ESC> should be replaced by the Escape character (^Q Esc in Emacs).

Here's one peculiarity for the Pro's: When I PKLITEd my Fortran compiler,
it only worked correctly if I ran HDROPT first. When I PKLITEd CCALC, it
only worked correctly if I _didn't_ run HDROPT first!

-- David Brahm (