Ultralite uhh...

Mon, 15 Jul 1991 14:00:10 EDT

Has anyone here used your ultralite right next to a phone receiver?
I get this LOUD high pitched whine when I put it near the area where
the screen touches the computer!

"Give me a Lite...No I wanted a PKLITE!"

(I just used it on my HD and got about 200K free space and some files
actually are loading FASTER than before I used it! Resident Tetris,
for example, was 50K, is now 10K, and loads FASTER as a result!)

Does anyone here know if the silicon HD is an OS patch or if it's a REAL
device with a controller chip, etc? I ran a test of it with Checkit
and it REALLY thinks that it's a Hard Drive! It also thinks I have
384K extended memory, too (anyone know why?)

Anyone, this may sound very corny, but the ultralite turned out to be the EXACT
computer for my needs: I'm going to Carnegie Mellon next year, and since I
have to give my sister my printer, I'm totally reliant on CMUs. So how
do I print? I have to call up the Andrew computer with a modem and send
the file, then go into unix and print. (No serial ports around!)
I have seen a 2400 laptop modem go for about $300 for the Toshiba last week!
For $899, the Ultralite turned out to be a steal (having one on my desk
would trash the RS-232 port after getting plugged in every day!

And this machine IS great for the shock appeal: for example, I had to wait
for a half hour for my eye doctor and was asked if I minded by the receptionist...
I took out my laptop and wrote letters...Although it's a bit annoying trying
toi write personal stuff with 5 people trying to get a glimpse of the screen!

I'm rambling, and I'm out of here...