DIN plugs (author: Fritz Friedlaender)

Brian Smithson (brian@king.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 1991 14:50:48 -0700

On Jul 11, 2:31pm, Fritz Friedlaender wrote:
> Subject: DIN plugs
> Found 7 pin mini-Din plugs (and sockets) in Germany, the plugs at
> $1.30 at current rate of exchange. Nobody (I tried quite a few stores)
> had more than 8 pin, but one store had a catalog that showed 9 pin.
> There was not enough time to order. Doubt if I find, or will even
> bother to look, for 9 pin in Israel where I am now.
> The Ultralite modem seems to like the local atmosphere.
> On dial-up I can telnet directly, in Unix, to any Unix machine
> on which I have an account, much better than the IBM mainframe I am
> connected to at the office. (Remember, my modem has/had a problem
> and my secretary sent me e-mail telling me that NEC has called again to
> enquire. Guess they feel guilty about a product "on travel" that is faulty
> and in warranty, and no longer in production.)
>-- End of excerpt from Fritz Friedlaender

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