D. Brahm (
Wed, 10 Jul 91 23:26:22 PDT


In response to my last posting, I was asked where to find MOREC and
BM. MOREC.COM is just my name for MORE.COM, a standard DOS file you should
be able to find on any PC (I had renamed it to avoid superseding MORE.BAT,
which was just "morec < %1"). I would like to find a better "MORE" that
(like Unix's) allows skipping around and searching - anyone know of one?

I wrote BM.BAT myself, based on UltraLite Connection's BATMAST.
Here's an abbreviated version:

@echo off
if %1*==* goto list
goto -%1
d:\manager c:\util\mgr.ini
goto end
xeq ctype /aa
epsilon %2
xeq ctype /ga
goto end
xeq morec < %2
goto end
echo bm contains: manager,ed,more

-- David Brahm (