Re: Startup manual v1.0

Hyunsuk Seung (
Wed, 10 Jul 91 02:20:33 EDT (D. Brahm) wrote:
>Transfer YASE.EXE to the UL, and quit LapLink. Now run YASE on the UL; type
>? for help. You will see sector 0. Change offset 00d (hex for 13) from 08
>to 02, and offset 016 (hex for 22) from 02 to 08. (On the 1MB UL, offset 016
>should be changed from 01 to 03.) Write the sector, then quit. Super-reboot
>with Ctrl-Alt-Fn-Del, then Format and System the C: disk. These changes
>change the cluster size from 4K to 1K, saving about 1.5K per file. You won't
>need YASE on your UL, but keep it on the PC.

Alternately, a program called BOOTDMOD (from
will do all the dirty work needed for reducing the cluster size.
You could also reduce the cluster size down to 512 bytes. I have,
and haven't encountered any problems.

For playing games like chess, there is drawback of LCD screen being
in reverse color. I have pallette in SETUP configured to reverse so,
while I use DGSET most of the time, I would just type SETUP only
when I play the game. This way you could utilize the advantages of
both DGSET (compact) & SETUP (ability to change pallete info).

About Emacs... I've settled for Mg (MicroGNUEmacs) because of its
speed, size, and ability to manipulate files up to 300K (or some-
where around there).

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