InfoSelect TSR & SWAP

3-JUL-1991 12:49:32.65

My main application on the UltraLite is InfoSelect, a TSR text database that
comes with a SWAP utility. InfoSelect does very rapid full-text searches
by loading your entire datafile into RAM. On a 640K machine, that can be
a problem if you want to pop up the TSR rolodex over your Word Perfect file
-- Word Perfect eats enough RAM to cut the size of your database drastically.
The SWAP utility (a special version of a program that's apparently sold on
its own) worked for me on my desktop machine, but was rather slow swapping
the big datafiles in and out of memory. The nice thing about InfoSelect is
its speedy searching--you can see ever Smith in your database by typing Alt-J
(which loads the TSR) G (for "get") SMITH. With the Swap utility I found
the pause after the Alt-J to be very annoying.
My solution has been to STOP using Word Perfect. I'm experimenting with doing
most of my writing on the UltraLite with InfoSelect itself! But I'll try
the SWAP version a few times and report back to you...

P.S. Now if I could just trick the UltraLight into defining some of its RAM
disk as Extended memory so that InfoSelect could handle even larger databases...