Re: 9 Pin DIN Plug w/cable

Peter Hill (
Mon, 1 Jul 91 16:49:33 MDT

> I do not have an Ultralite (yet?) but maybe I can help with a source for the
> mini-din serial port connector. From the description it looks like the same
> connector used on a Macintosh...

I just tried a Macintosh DIN-to-DB25 serial cable on my Ultralite; no go.

The Ultralite serial cable DIN connector has 9 pins, and is larger in
diameter than the Mac 8-pin DIN connector.

I called NEC and found out that an official Ultralite serial cable is
$91.75. I have the part number written down somewhere if anybody's
interested. Meanwhile, the search for a source for this 9-pin DIN
connector continues....

Oddly enough, the 8-pin DIN connector on the Mac serial cable fits the
DC IN (AC adaptor) port on the Ultralite! So the people looking for an
extension for the AC adaptor cable might be able to use a Mac DIN
male-to-female straight-through cable. Disclaimer: I'm not going to
be the first one to try this.

Anybody have the pin-outs for the DC IN connector?

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