Mon, 1 Jul 91 12:22:16 MDT

<-:(= Anthony Stieber uwm!uwmcsd4!anthony

>> Try ZIP, (not PKZIP), it's got a simple menu interface, and is
>> completely runable from the command line. It also is only about 10K.
>> The file is

>> I've found that it runs faster than Laplink as well.

This is also available from the Simtel: pd1:<msdos.lan>

ZIP has one additional feature. Included in the archive is which will transfer to another computer. Maybe this is an alternative to carrying the Laplink disks!

>From the docs:

"In order to duplicate or "clone" ZIP itself on another computer, ZIPDUP runs DEBUG, remotely, to receive and write the file to disk. This is a feature most people need only once, so it is not part of ZIP itself. ZIPDUP will duplicate any version of ZIP (indeed, any file, though it's slow and cumbersome compared to ZIP itself)."

Also from the same author (Eric Meyer) Video Display Editor VDE161.

Simtel: pd1:<msdos.editor> VDE is a small (56k), very fast, full featured wordprocessor/text editor using the WordStar command set. VDE is limited to a file size of about 80k, but it will split a large file into 64k chunks for editing.

Webb V. Turner Jr.